The Red Road Retreat

What is the Red Road Retreat? 
Eighty acres of beautiful mountain canyon land located in Mora County, northern New Mexico.  This property, elevation 8000 feet, has a year-round spring fed creek, with deer, bear, elk, wild turkey, horny toads, snakes, and the normal inventory of other wild animals. The vegetation includes many species of pine, fir, spruce, cottonwood, aspen, oak, iris, and wild roses, just to mention a few.   It is located within a tract of some 600+ acres of private land and access is through one locked gate. There are only a handful of private sections, all 40 acres or larger and only a few land owners. The other owners, who are seldom there, do not mind if you hike around - with respect for their privacy and properties. There are a few 'summer' cabins in the canyon, no permanent residences.

Uses:  We want to share this beautiful spot with you, so contact us if you have a need for a special retreat, vacation, or just want to join us sometime.
  Group retreats (up to 15 persons)
  Solo private journeys or retreat.
  Fun camping
  Or...  whatever.
      contact us at 'dspanogle' then at sign then 'aol'   then 'dot' then 'com'.  (figure it out - this stops spam)

  Quiet  -Well, except for the breeze in the trees and the babbling of the brook.
  Very private

One Large RV (30' maximum) spot with electric and septic hookup.
  Two or three other sites for small travel trailers or 5th wheels (15 amp electric with extension cords, no septic)
  One small Cabin-ette (12x12) with toilet, shower (hot water), sink, microwave, refrigerator, hot plate cooking and eating utinsils, BBQ grill, phone, etc.  Futon makes into a bed for two - sheets blankets towles supplied,  With sleeping bags and air matresses -sleeps 4  (2 in loft). If you want to use this we have a complete enventory, instructions etc. - all you need to have a week all by yourself.  Just get get the keys and off you go. During group events this doubles as the group bathroom.
  A small funky dwelling (the Gnome house) with room to sleep 2 persons - has a small wood stove.
  Lots of tent sites.
  Water - the softest water you will find in New Mexico - from a 250 foot well on the property.
  Electricity - 30 Amp RV hook up and several other 20 amp outlets through the camping area.
  Septic hookup (RV dump station)
  Phone - (You will need a phone credit card to call long distance.)

Access:  Usually, only snow in the winter or a heavy rain restricts access. The property is accessible with any high clearance vehicle. Our Subaru, truck, even our '97 Taurus has made the trek up the unimproved road.  We normally haul in our 30 foot 5th wheel. It takes some patience to get it parked but most such setups will probably work. The property is about one hour from Las Vegas, NM or from Wagon Mound, NM - near Ocate. After leaving paved highway 120, the first 4 miles are dirt road and can be very muddy after a hard rain or snow melt.  The last mile is a two track jeep road - but we maintain it so that cars can get in unless you have one of those low clearance sport or fancy jobs.  Don't take your Porsche or your low-rider. If your car has 5" of clearance - you can make it. You may have to move a few rocks after heavy rains. There is a locked gate as you enter the private land and the well house and electric box are locked - so you will need to arrange to get keys.  Just let us know and that can happen. And of course, we have detailed driving directions.


Here are some pictures of the Red Road Retreat

                                                 Entering the canyon.

                                                   Le Febres creek

                                                      Le Febres creek


            A spring fed tributary feeds Le Febres creek. A tough hike to this one.


                         Entering the camp site area.  The well house is at the bottom right.


                              View from a hike to the top of the south ridge.


             Camp site.  The new cabin-ette is now at the left side center of this picture.


Cabinette looking South East
Cabin-ette: Finished summer 2011.  Has electricity, toilet, shower (hot water), sink, microwave,
refrigerator, etc..  Sleeps two on futon and two in loft. Doubles as as a commuity bathroom.


Cabinet lookin north        Bath
                    View looking north                                                     Shower and Toilet


food prep outside          kitchen
        Food prep table outside                                                 kitchen corner.  (frig, MW, shink etc)

bedroom       loft
bedroom and sitting room (kitchen at right bottom)                         loft complete with ladder


Early spring surprise.


The Gnome house - funky, sleeps two, has a fireplace (sorry, no internet here)!


Going home New Mexico - between Ocate and La Cueva